Why Merrill
  • Merrill has a proven record.
    You don't have to just hope that Merrill will vote correctly. Merrill has already shown that he is a leader and will vote for what is right.
  • Merrill has experience.
    Merrill will hit the ground running. He doesn't have to take precious time coming up to speed on things.
  • Merrill can work with people.
    To accomplish anything in Washington you have to know how to work with people. Merrill has a record of being able to work with people.
  • Merrill understands the problems and has real solutions.
    Merrill understands how to apply constitutional principles to real world problems, especially this financial crisis. Read what Merrill has to say about the issues.
  • Merrill understands the dangers of false solutions.
    Because Merrill understands the myriad of problems facing the county he also understands that some "solutions" will make the problems even worse.
  • Merrill will stand for what is right.
    When the GOP leadership put on the pressure for Merrill to get Merrill to vote for a damaging trade deal with China, he did not give in.

Merrill Cook’s Record on the Banking Committee in the U.S. Congress
  • Fannie and Freddie 1997-2001
    • While serving on the Banking Committee in Congress, Merrill tried to reign in both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by ending their implicit Treasury line of credit.
    • He supported other reforms of these Government-Sponsored Enterprises.
    • Their Treasury line of credit created the “moral hazard” that was at the heart of the housing crisis and contributed to the financial industry melt down that gripped the country in 2008.
    •  Congressman Cook supported legislation to end the taxpayer guarantees and urged others, who were serving on the Banking Committee in the Senate, to join this effort.
    • I supported an effort spearheaded by Congressman Richard Baker (Capital Markets Chair) to put limits on Fannie and Freddie and to stop their taxpayer backing and guarantees.
  • The 2008 Tarp Bank Bailout
    • Merrill urged the Congress not to support the Tarp Bank Bailout of October 2008.
    • The Ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, Senator Richard Shelby, also urged others not to support the Bailout.
    • This ill-advised bailout, which was unnecessary and counterproductive, unfortunately, set the stage for more bailouts and stimulus plans to the tune of more than another trillion dollars of taxpayer bail-out money!
  • Merrill Cook’s Record on Earmark Reform
    • Earmarks are not the major problem that some groups claim.  See what Ron Paul has to say about them.
    • Merrill Cook supported important “earmark” reform during his tenure in Congress.
    • This included requiring full disclosure to, and the votes of, the entire Congress before any project involving state or district directed spending (or “earmark”) is put into a spending bill.
    •  Hiding these “earmarks” by stuffing them into Senate/House Conference Reports is the tactic used to prevent the entire body of legislators from viewing them. That is the worst aspect of “earmarks”!
    • Full disclosure in the appropriations process brings fiscal discipline, while allowing solid representation of constituent and district interests.
    • Merrill knows that can be achieved using full disclosure without taking the “zero earmarks” position.
    • He knows that simply taking a “zero earmarks” position could, in fact, benefit other states at Utah’s expense without bringing any overall budgetary savings and shifts the “power of the purse” to the executive branch in violation of Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.
    • Instead Merrill supports voting against inflated budgets.
  • Merrill Cook’s Record on The China Sell Out
    • There are plenty of benefits to international trade.
    • Unfortunatley these Trade Deals have been more about creating international bureacracies and hurting the American economy than free trade.
    • Merrill stood strongly against them because he knew they would damage the American economy, even though he had to suffer political consequences for his opposition.
    • His determination to put the Constitution ahead of party leaders has even cost him some campaign contributions during a tough re-election battle.
    • Congress should not give up its authority over a protracted period of time in setting tariffs and duties (an Article 1 Section 8 power of the Congress) to the Globalist Executive Branch trade negotiators who insisted on this in their ill-advised China, NAFTA, and GATT sell-outs.
    • At the same time Merrill strongly rejects the heavy union (AFL-CIO) inspired opposition to international trade being promulgated by one of the challengers to the incumbent in this U.S. Senate race.
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce awarded Merrill the Spirit of Enterprise Award three years in a row for his support of pro-business policies and legislation. Key votes for 1999 addressed issues such as Y2K liability reform, cutting taxes, expanding trade and reducing excessive regulations.
  • National Taxpayer's Union Foundation recognized Representative Cook for saving taxpayers money by being frugal in comparison with other members of the Utah delegation.
  • Americans for Tax Reform's Hero of the Taxpayer Award went to Representative Cook two years in a row. Cook remains a co-sponsor of the Tax Code Termination Act, which would scrap the current tax system and come up with a simple flat tax. In Congress, he introduced a bill to eliminate the unfair death tax as well as the alternate minimum tax that is so devastating to many of Utah's large families.
  • Small Business Survival Committee recognized Representative Cook as a Small Business Advocate.
  • 60 Plus Association recognized Representative Cook's support of the Social Security Earnings Limit Appeal which would allow seniors to continue working.
  • United Seniors Association rated Representative Cook 100% on senior issues. He pioneered legislation to “lockbox” the Social Security Trust Fund to ensure that this year's budget does not put Social Security on the backburner.
  • National Association of Community Health Centers presented Cook with its Community Health Superhero Award for strong and consistent support of migrant and homeless health centers both state and nationwide.
  • American Conservative Union gave Cook an 85% lifetime rating.
  • National Rifle Association (NRA) and National Right to Life gave Cook a 100% rating. Cook also scored 100% on the Gun Owners of America survey for his support of the States' Rights and Second and Tenth Amendment Restoration Acts of 1999. The bill would completely repeal the Launtenberg Domestic Violence amendment which revokes military and municipal peace officers' rights to firearms for misdemeanors related to “domestic violence.” Cook also signed the Hostettler letter to defend the Smith & Wesson “oversight” commission.